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D’Decor Motors

The D’Decor team would like to thank all the people that took the time to visit us at the show. We apologise if we were not available when you visited due to the frequent high footfall on our stand. For those who left their details we will contact you shortly.

D’Decor’s new motors feature an easy charge system. The batteries are contained inside the motor it self, so no removal of bind or batteries for charging.

We have the option of 1 or 6 channel remotes available witch have the advantage of being radio frequency (RF), which means no line of sight necessary; they can even be operated in the next room.

Suitable for Roller, Roman, Sheer Horizon & Duplex we are sure that this addition will drive sales especially as the price has been dramatically reduced.

Having no cord loops motors are particular suitable for children’s rooms, so why not break away from the crowd with our exclusive Roald Dahl roller collection.

Point Of Sale

We have have designed our show stand as a reflection of a typical Ddecor branded store.

So now is a great time to revitalise the look of your shop. See your point of sale options.

Franchise Package:
For shop fit-outs, marketing, merchandising & full support franchising has to be the simplest way to market.
Gallery Package:

A platinum partner with the most comprehensive selection of all available D’Decor Blinds.

Expert Package:

A premium re-seller with a selected range of D’Decor Blinds.

Specialist Package:

A compact gallery, providing the best collection of blinds from our wide range, exclusively for your space.