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Child Safety

D’Decor – Making it Safe! Free Child Safety Harness

Over 20 million new blinds are sold in the UK each year in addition to the hundreds of millions already in use. Unfortunately, many children are injured and even killed by blinds in the home each year.

Recent statistics from the US indicate that at least one child per month dies as a result of strangulation from blind cords. In the UK, (Where safety regulations are not as advanced as in the US), four children were reported to have suffered the same fate in the last eighteen months.
The good news is that many of these incidents can easily be prevented by using one of the new child safety devices available on the market today. D’Decor are very eager to ensure we minimize the risk of a child sustaining any form of injury so have implemented several design features into the manufacture of all their products. Also, as older products are replaced by new, the element of danger is becoming vastly reduced.

It does not matter to D’Decor which company provided your existing blinds in the first place! Their only interest is to prevent any further injuries and to maintain the solid reputation of the blinds industry. Please feel free to call into your local D’Decor store for their free expert advice on keeping your children and pets safe around your blinds and collect your ‘Free of charge Safety Control Harness’.